CHOCOA EVENT | Good Cocoa, Better Chocolate

Chocoa Event for chocolate lovers. Chocoa is a market place for cocoa and chocolate, for quality and sustainability. A place where cocoa and chocolate is traded, new business contacts are created and existing ones reinforced. Where research results are shared as well as new thoughts, ideas and concepts. Chocoa contributes to a world with more and more good, sustainable cocoa: the basis for better chocolate. A world in which the production of cocoa is good for farmers, their communities and the environment alike. One where good quality chocolate is available to environmentally conscious chocolate lovers everywhere. With this in mind, we started Chocoa in 2012. The objective of Chocoa is to increase the market for good cocoa and better chocolate.

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What does the Chocoa Event entail?

For 5 days, consumers, businesses, farmers and chocolate lovers enjoy a full program of different events in the heart of Amsterdam. Each event serves to inspire participants, to share information and to educate each other. Chocoa draws to a close by means of a 2-day Chocolate Festival. Are you curious to find out more about Chocoa? Visit the website:

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