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Jack Steijn and Caroline Lubbers | Consultants and Cocoa Experts at Equipoise

Drive, engagement and commitment of our team is an important asset of our small, flexible, international organisation. Meet Jack Steijn and Caroline Lubbers, the sustainability-driven Consultants and Cocoa Experts behind Equipoise and events such as Chocoa.

Jack Steijn is graduated on the faculty of Economics on the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. He has built much experience in content-based operational and management functions at the Chamber of Commerce, VNO-NCW (employers federation of the Netherlands, the Business Association Region Amsterdam ORAM (private port operators) and the European Warehousekeepers Federation EWF. Jack has followed training courses at the British Coffee Association en de Federation Cocoa Commerce and has an extensive network in cocoa, build during projects for his company Maverix since 2012.
Among other projects, Jack Steijn is directly involved in the sustainability of the cocoa chain as chair of the International Technical Committee developing a new ISO and CEN standard for sustainable and traceable cocoa. Jack has also contributed as content coordinator to the organization of the Second World Cocoa Conference, the biennial event of the International Cocoa Organization ICCO.

As a marketer, Caroline Lubbers has built experience in the international fashion and hospitality branches before she specialised in experience economy with her company Scentifolia, founded in 2010. Alongside her work for the European think tank LEAP2020 has enabled her to develop systemic and anticipating thinking on global governance and political relations.
Foreseeing developments and recognising trends at an early stage and developing the necessary system change and new solutions. In this context, her engagement for the cocoa and chocolate industry has evolved and she has co-founded several initiatives with a focus on quality and sustainability, such as the annual Origin Chocolate Event and Chocoa. Caroline has built an extensive network in chocolate and is being educated as a certified chocolate taster. One of her recent projects included the role of Interim Programme Manager Cocoa Europe for NGO Solidaridad.