Founded in December 2014, Equipoise works on innovations, the development of sustainable solutions, collaborations and information (transparency and education).

Depending on the project our work varies from project management to consultancy and execution, for example:

  • Growing markets by increasing demand;
  • Organising events and marketing of sustainable high quality commodities;
  • Developing market strategies;
  • Consultancy on strategies of demand and supply;
  • Writing or participating in articles, studies, publications;
  • Developing and marketing high quality sustainable products;
  • All other activities that contribute to the objective of increasing market share for sustainable commodities and their products.


Additionally, we have developed and organise two events to support our mission:

Equipoise organises Chocoa, the inspiring cocoa- and chocolate event in the Netherlands. Chocoa offers a trade fair for producers and buyers including a chocolate makers’ forum, a networking dinner, conference and a chocolate festival, all to increase the market share of ‘good cocoa and better chocolate’.
With its focus on high quality, sustainable cocoa, Chocoa’s Trade Fair & Conference as well as the Chocoa Dinner are growing to become the annual meeting place of cocoa producers, chocolate makers and distributors.


Origin Chocolate Event
Origin Chocolate is just like the world’s best wines. You can taste the terroir of the cacao beans in origin chocolate. Each cacao variety has its own flavour characteristics. Delicate and rich flavours of the best origin chocolate has made them award winning chocolate. At the Origin Chocolate event you can meet the best chocolate makers in the world, listen to their inspiring stories and taste the best origin chocolate. We create consumer awareness for the best qualities of chocolate in the world, produced by very inspiring people with great knowledge and in a very respectful and sustainable manner.




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  • Diana says:
    June 1, 2012 at 09:14

    so great! Will come and see the arrival in Amsterdam.
    Long live fair trade and clean seas.
    Diana (diver)