Developing pioneering solutions to grow the market for sustainable commodities

Equipoise works on projects improving the sustainability of commodity chains, we believe the market mechanism is the driver of lasting sustainability. To improve market conditions we develop initiatives on different levels of scale, impact and taste, focusing on both the demand ánd supply side of the market for sustainable commodities. Worldwide we advise authorities and companies on eliminating obstacles for the supply of sustainable products or the increase of market demand.

We are also actively involved in initiatives to create a new balance in the market. Examples are (re)vitalising markets, the development of events, management of business and professional associations, education of consumers, schools and markets.


‘Equipoise’ – Market mechanisms are important for the development of sustainable commodity markets. When market mechanisms lead to undesired outcome, intervention is needed. Lasting sustainability can only be achieved by making use of the dynamics and the efficiency of the market mechanism, adjusting the factors that resulted in the undesirable market outcomes. This is where Equipoise comes in. An ‘equipoise’ is a counterweight that contributes to a new equilibrium, a new, better, fairer equilibrium.

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